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  • 24x7 Monitoring

    Let Indian River Networks monitor your network to prevent and repair common issues, and apply updates.

    We monitor everything from anti-virus, to event logs, to patch and security update availability. We even test and whitelist updates before applying them to your systems.

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  • Ask Yourself

    Is your Network secure? Is your Data backed up and protected?

    How confident are you in the security of your IT infrastructure? How often do you backup your company’s data? Are you storing a recent backup offsite? Indian River Networks will give you peace of mind.

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  • Be Proactive

    Eliminate costly downtime by detecting and resolving IT issues before they bring down your systems.

    With 24×7 monitoring and maintenance, most typical workstation issues can be prevented. Focus on your business, not your IT.

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  • Flat-Rate Support

    Get all-you-can-eat Help Desk and Remote Support for your entire staff.

    Don’t let your employees just cope with workstation issues; with Indian River Networks they can quickly get a ticket in to tech support without costing your business a dime.

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Featured Services

Server Care

Any business with multiple users should consider running a server to store files, dish out network permissions, and eliminate issues like data loss and confusing networking setups that grow to become more of a hassle as you grow. With a server, all of your eggs are in one basket, so you'll certainly want to keep a close eye on that basket! Get comprehensive support that includes remote & on-site server remediation services at a flat monthly rate, meaning there are no 'per-incident' charges. We utilize proactive maintenance in order to prevent downtime before it affects your bottom line..

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Cloud Solutions

Imagine being able to expand your company's capabilities without needing to purchase expensive hardware or worry about running and maintaining it in your office. With the cloud, it is possible to get the benefits of a secure, expertly managed data center without the costs required to purchase and run your own equipment. All of your servers and solutions would be housed within our Indian River Networks data center, greatly reducing the cost of management and maintenance.

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